A niche fragrance-protest by Edgardio Chilini.

The fragrance that you can not buy.

It is against manipulation in any form. Inspired by the creative work of Gesaffelstein and his single Pursuit.


Sleeping consciousness is not aware of what it is doing and why


A man faces manipulation through his whole life. It prevents him from perceiving the world clearly. The manipulation of human consciousness, emotions and desires increases every day and comes from everywhere.



The forced race of imposed values makes us run in the wheel of endless desires.



It is different, very unusual, violating the standard idea of a perfume product. It seems that the smell reminds you of a place you have been to but you can not remember. Not everyone would dare to wear it.



Pursuit by Edgardio Chilini is not on sale but you can get a free sample of it by prearrangement as a part of a special offer.



Top notes: bergamot, mandarin orange, lime, lemon, red orange, rosemary, tea tree, grape, apricot, orange blossom, cardamom, pomegranate, lotus


Heart notes: cinnamon leaf, honey, jasmine, heliotrope, tuberose, lily, narcissus, lily of the valley, rose, ylang-ylang, orchid, violet, artemisia, galbanum, cinnamon, cumin, lavender, geranium, clove, clary sage, rosewood


Base notes: mahogany, opoponax, patchouli, sandalwood, benzoin, civet, vanilla, vetiver, cedar, labdanum, tonka bean, labdanum, leather, musk, amber, oak moss



'The reality is a clay with raisins. A man is pressing the emerging clay picture which is called 'the wold'. He wants to dig some tasty crumbs for himself and in this picture the towers are being destroyed, ships are sinking, empires and civilizations are dieing. But usually it is already seen by some others.'


Victor Pelevin


Private collection — the niche fragrances of rare and expensive components. Insisting composition and maturation requires a lot of time and attention. Behavior unpredictable natural ingredients. Each of them — thousands of species of molecules.

From reviews - lively reflections:


Pursuit my husband and I were surprised at how Poison Dior looked like, though kinder, more honeyed. For me, it seemed to be a white-flowered scent in the style of the updated Poison Dior - more pollen and honey white flowers, from which they took all the malice."

@jonny_brown_eyes >

The first impression of the Pursuit, heavy artillery, citruses, aldehydes - I'm in the tank all the poher, ahead through!

Opening a new boutique Perfume:

kroshkachi @ jonny_brown_eyes I wonder what kind of perfume on you at this event?

jonny_brown_eyes @ kroshkachi - Edgardio Chilini Pursuit!

"Pursuit wearing socks in the heat showed one hundred percent very durable trail of three meters, collected copments all day, liked the surprised expression" experts "when announcing the brand and name, edgardio chilini, who is this!?! Exclusivity is super cool!"

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